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Pittsburgh blog design tips

The internet audience of today is one that wants to interact and connect with whoever they do business with. It isn’t enough to simply provide a product or service and give customer support. You have to engage your customer base and let them know that you understand and care about their needs and wants. With our blog design services, now you can do just that!

When you add a business blog to your web design, you have the unique opportunity to provide your customers with valuable information. You are no longer just a company to them—you have become a resource that they trust to provide them with the information they need, when they need it.

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Moreover, business blogs will cause your online traffic to skyrocket. Because you’ll be constantly adding new material to your website, the search engines will be crawling your site more often. As a result, you’ll be seen as more relevant, increasing your page ranking and the number of times you appear in search results. Further still, customers will begin to share your posts all over the web, creating invaluable organic back-links that prove your authority on another level!

Professional Business Blog Design

Adding a blog to your online marketing efforts isn’t enough, though. It has to be seamlessly incorporated into your main website, so that it doesn’t look like a simple afterthought. Our Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing team is highly skilled at accomplishing this delicate balance and maintaining the professional image that you have tried so hard to create.

What Will My Business Blog Include?

Connection to your business website. It is crucial that your blog design has a strong affiliation with your brand’s website. For example, if your logo and website follows a red and orange color scheme, your blog should do the same. If you have a signature header on your website, your blog design should also follow that unique style quirk. This is a huge part of brand loyalty and recognition. When visitors see those colors of your business, you want them to think of you!

Call-to-action on every post to encourage visitors to next visit your website. What is a great blog without a call-to-action? You want to encourage visitors to your blog to also visit your website, since that’s where they would be making conversions! Let them know that they can learn more about your product or service by heading over to your website.

Social media buttons to allow your blog to be shared on visitors social media platforms with the click of a button. Having a ‘share’ command at reader’s fingertips is an awesome way to get your blog shared on social media. This makes it extremely easy for readers to click one button and share your awesome blog content on Facebook or Twitter!

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Easy navigation through previous blogs. If you have a place where readers can easily see and navigate through your previous blogs, they will be far more likely to read them. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is definitely true in this case! If your readers don’t know you have other blogs about other things, how will they read them? Provide them with that library and you’re bound to get even more traffic to your website!

Interesting images to break up walls of text. Nobody likes to get caught up in a wall of text. This can also be overwhelming and cause readers to navigate away from your page. Stop that from happening by adding a few images to your blog design. Not only will it make it interesting, but it will also provide a visual aspect to your blog!

Titles and content that are interesting to viewers. The most important thing about your blog design is it’s content. Allow your blogs to reel in conversions to your website by simply putting out relevant, interesting information about your services and products. By doing this, it’s a win-win; readers are getting valuable information and you are potentially getting conversions from those interested readers!


Are you Ready to Get a Blog Up and Running for Your Business?

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