Effective Email Marketing Campaigns in Pittsburgh

Email is one of the ways a business can form close ties with its customers. If you are lucky enough to get a few email addresses via your calls-to-action on your website, you have a great opportunity to market to your target customers. However, if you let those leads grow cold, they could forget about your company and products. Using email marketing as one of your Pittsburgh company’s digital marketing strategies will remind your customers that you’re still there, ready and willing to meet their needs.

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If you are using an email digital advertising campaign to reach people who have never heard of your business before, you can see stellar results by implementing a careful digital strategy. The problem with email marketing, however, is that it’s easy to violate spam laws, create emails that go straight to the trash, and come across as pushy — all things you should avoid.

Benefits of a Pittsburgh marketing email campaign

Pittsburgh Web Design and Marketing will ensure that you stay fresh in the minds of your customers with your new email digital marketing campaign. Here’s what our Pittsburgh marketing firm will do for your company:

Promote. The largest benefit of email marketing is being able to promote your product to the people behind the emails you’re sending to. We will help to promote your services, products, and brand loyalty, and before long, your brand will be easily recognizable to your customers.
Encourage customers to visit and shop. Another benefit is the continuous encouragement to visit your site and buy your products and services. When they see a nicely-designed email with high-quality photos of your business’ products and special offers, they will be encouraged to see that product for themselves.
Improve click-through-rate. By employing an email marketing campaign, you can be sure that your website’s click-through-rate will improve. Eventually, when customers see your brand in their email, they’ll to head right to your website.

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What does our Pittsburgh digital marketing agency’s email marketing services include?

We know that every business has a different budget. We also know that no matter what budget you have, you want the best campaign for your company. That’s why we allow you to mix and match our digital marketing services to create your own custom package that is perfect for your business’ needs. Our email marketing services include:

Custom email distribution schedule.
Creative theme development.
Design edits for each email.
Split testing on subject lines.
Landing page implementation.
Database list pruning.
Testing of emails on 24 mail clients.

And that’s just the start!

By using any combination of our many Pittsburgh digital marketing services, you’ll be able to achieve the results you desire.

Get Expert Email & Digital Marketing Services from Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing

In order to get around challenges to create a highly effective email marketing campaign, you’ll need the help of our expert marketing Pittsburgh team. We’ve seen the problems that occur when non-marketers attempt to do their own Pittsburgh online marketing via email — don’t be those people. Our digital marketing firm knows how to avoid those problems.

Our Pittsburgh web design and SEO consultants will listen to your needs and goals, and then help you create the types of email campaigns that will be most beneficial for your business. Call (412) 360-8615 today to talk with one of our experts. We have a myriad of options that will provide you with a level of involvement that you prefer, so contact us to get started and get a free quote!