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As if there isn’t enough to think about with your SEO and PPC campaigns, but wait, there’s more! Now, it isn’t enough just to practice your traditional SEO techniques; you’ve also got to put some time and effort into local search marketing.

What is local search?

First and foremost, a local search is aimed at finding a product or service within a specific area. Basically, a local search is the online version of a phone book that you used to look up addresses years ago. This is the new yellow pages!

For example, a local search is made if you type in “restaurants in Pittsburgh.” This inquiry prompts your search engines to display the storefronts that fit your criteria and are close to you. Each will have a link and contact information so you can either enter the site or make a phone call to the business.

A map is also displayed to show you where exactly the locations of each result.

local search map


Importance of Pittsburgh Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is so important merely due to the fact that 70% of internet goers are surfing and shopping for local products and services. Why would you skip out on an opportunity that can get you some major traffic?

Local search marketing is so important based in part on our increasingly travel-savvy population. If visitors to a location have never been there before, they want a quick and easy way to search for exactly what they need. That could be a restaurant in the area, a doctors office or a nail salon.

People also like choices. With local search, visitors are able to skim through a long list of options for the search field they entered.

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Elements of Local Search Marketing in Pittsburgh

Prepare for the questions that will be asked of your business. In order to be accepted as a local business, you must provide a little information first. You must know the kind of business you are running, a name, address, phone, web address, business hours, and a short description of your business. You must also do some preparation with things such as images of your business that will be posted for customers to see.
Know which platforms you want to market on. Google My Business, Facebook and Bing Places are just a few of the top places where companies market their local search. Have an idea of how many and which platforms you want to market your business with.
Include reviews. When you look for reassurance that a business is top-notch, don’t you want to know what other people think? Reviews are extremely important to local search marketing. Especially because a high amount of those small yellow stars really make your business stand out.
Don’t forget about Local SEO! Just because your website may be ranking high, don’t forget about SEO best practices for your listing.

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Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing to the Rescue

At Pittsburgh Web Design, we stay abreast of the latest changes in Pittsburgh digital marketing methods. The shift toward local search marketing has evolved from Google listening to and watching the patterns of search users. We all know how frustrating it is to want to find a local dentist or hairdresser, only to have our search results yield us a name of a company 10 states over. Changes in search algorithms has made it possible for Google to display the most local websites possible whenever it’s relevant.

What that means for you is that you better be on top of your local online presence if you want to continue to be competitive. Our web design Pittsburgh team can help you to optimize your local search efforts by perfecting your Google local listing and infusing your website with geographical keywords that show your website to be relevant for a particular area.

We can’t wait to help your local search marketing develop!

At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we can help you to always stay on top of changes that occur in the realm of online marketing so that your page ranking doesn’t suffer. Call (412) 360-8615 today or contact us online to get a free quote and learn how one of our local search marketing packages can help keep the traffic—and the money—coming into your business.