Pay-Per-Click Advertising in Pittsburgh

Pay per click, or PPC, campaigns can be a powerful way to really drive qualified traffic to your website that will result in maximum conversions. The catch is that you have to know what you’re doing and you have to have a fail-proof strategy. Otherwise, you could end up with a very expensive bill with no sales to justify the expense.

PPC That Works with Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing

When you choose our team to handle your PPC campaign, you can trust that you’re getting everything you need for a successful run from start to finish. We’ll begin by doing extensive keyword and demographic research to find out the precise phrases your ads should contain. No worrying about paying for ads that won’t get you results because of the wrong key phrases.


When our Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing team has discovered the best phrases for your campaign, we’ll create custom, unique, motivating ads that are sure to get noticed. We don’t create stale ads that won’t motivate. We get your potential customer excited about what you have to offer…so much so that they can’t help but click on your ad to find out more!

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What is PPC?

PPC is often thought of as the most accountable form of advertising. Where other advertising outlets could potentially have a starting cost that well exceeds your budget, with PPC, you never have to worry about budget. This is because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You don’t have to worry about being in debt to Google if your ad is simply looked at. The ad has to be clicked on-sending visitors to your page, in order for you to owe money to your advertising platform.

PPC is a bidding system that allows you to decide how much each of your keywords is worth. Of course, the higher you bid for your keyword, the higher your website will appear in search results. If you choose Google as your ad platform, for example, you could choose to bid on your keyword “flights to Mexico.” You could bid $3 on that keyword, thus every time that ad is clicked on, you would owe Google $3.

With this technique, you always know where your money is going. You never have to think about your long-term budget with PPC because you can change the cost whenever you’d like!

Why would you ever try to take this on by yourself when you have a professional team of experts behind you? At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we know just how to handle your PPC campaign in order to get the most results for you and your company. don’t miss out any longer!

Pay per click advertising PPC

How do I know how much or what kind of PPC my website needs?

At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we will work with you to determine your budget and your needs, along with the perfect PPC campaign to go with it. Though we offer an array of PPC packages, we will help you decide on the one that fits your company and website best in order to render you the best results.

Your personal campaign budget and needs will determine the cost of your package. Factors including the size of your business and even the specific keywords you choose to target could have an effect on the cost of your package. But not to worry, there is a package for every budget!

The perfect PPC campaign is waiting for you!

There’s a lot that goes into designing the perfect PPC campaign, but you can trust the experts here at Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing to get the job done. Call (412) 360-8615 today to speak with one of our marketing specialists about how a package can infuse your revenue. We have various levels of packages to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that works within your needs and budget. Contact us today and get a free quote!