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You’re off to an excellent start by choosing to invest in Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing. Don’t let it end here or all of your efforts will have been wasted. Get your online marketing off on the right track by partnering with us to handle your search engine optimization needs.

Though many internet-goers claim that SEO doesn’t hold as much importance as it used to, that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. Best practices in SEO are initially what helps boost your website and pages to the top of search results. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?


Without stellar SEO, your website doesn’t have what it takes to land in the top spots of a Google search. Let’s face it, nearly nobody has time to look at second-page results. So why then, would you ignore the possibility of having one of our SEO specialists work their magic on your website?

Search Engine Optimization: Who Needs It and Why?

Not everyone is going to need search engine optimization…only those people that actually want to make money and see a return on their investments. If you fall into that category, and we’re sure you do, then you need our Pittsburgh SEO consultant team working on your site. And here’s why:

Potential customers are already searching for your products and services, even if they aren’t searching for you by name. In order to make your customers familiar with your name and brand, your landing pages need to not just be on the first page of their search results, but on each of the first few pages, multiple times. The more your company’s name is circulated, the more attention your brand will garner.

Furthermore, the more that your website shows up, the more relevant your targeted audience will believe you to be and the more credible they will see you. Credibility is extremely important, especially today. Everyone can agree that they want the most for their dollar, and your customers are no exception. By appearing relevant and being in the top Google results, this credibility will be evident. Evidence of credibility means more conversions! This marketing technique is one that is far more effective than most other methods put together.


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What is included in our SEO campaigns?

Aggressive SEO campaign. this campaign is for companies that want to optimize up to 80 unique keywords. It provides ongoing updates and freshness to your website and a report outlining your competitor’s techniques.
Market leader SEO campaign. This campaign is designed for large and growing online businesses wanting to optimize and target up to 150 unique keywords. This campaign provides links built back to your site, and up to 20 blog posts for your website. There’s even more that comes with this plan that you’ll be excited to hear about.
Market leader plan with Earned Media. This campaign is made for companies that are interested in launching a content marketing program. We will research and optimize up to 300 unique keywords and receive links for your website.
Enterprise SEO plan.The Enterprise SEO plan is the most customized. You will also get extensive monthly reports on your site and your competition.
Tools. With every SEO plan, you’ll also gain access to Pittsburgh Web Marketing Design’s proprietary tools that will help you in your journey to high rankings and a successful business.

Do you want fantastic SEO for your website?

At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we go far beyond basic Pittsburgh web design to give you the search engine optimization techniques that you need for maximum conversions. Call (412) 360-8615 today to speak to one of our specialists about the kind of SEO your website needs to reach the qualified customers that will bring you more revenue. Contact us today and get a free quote!