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If you could find a platform that boasted approximately one billion active users worldwide, would you like to get your product on that platform for advertising? Absolutely, and you can! The platform we’re talking about is social media and it is extremely easy to get your products set up on their many sites.

If you don’t have some type of social media management plan in place, you’ll never have a shot at marketing your product in front of that huge audience. Pittsburgh online marketing via social media can help you get your business out there and put you on track to a fantastic social media campaign that will draw you more users than you’ve had in the past.

Social media network marketing

Social media has to be a soft sale. It’s a gentle nudge—a way for you to connect with your customers, let them know who you are, and remind them, ever so subtly, that you are there for them when they need you. It’s a bit of a delicate balance between social engagement and selling, so it’s best to let an expert Pittsburgh Web Design marketing help you along the way. We know all of the inside tricks to get your company at the happy medium of social engagement and selling your product.


What social media services do you offer?

We offer social media plans to fit every budget. We allow you to choose the social media platforms that you’d like to be seen on and we do the rest. Here are a few of the things we will do for your campaign:
Create a custom social media marketing strategy.
Pair you with a dedicated account representative.
Give you alerts on ratings and reviews.
Anywhere from 20-60 social posts per month, depending on your package of choice.
Up to 2 personal social media consultants per month.

And many more!

With any combination of our many social media marketing services, we are sure that we can increase your traffic by first giving you a social media presence.

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Keeping Up with the Times Through Pittsburgh Social Media Management

Building a Facebook page is great, but what are you going to do with it once you have it? Who is going to create all of those clever little Twitter updates to post to your account several times per week…or per day? Sure you could try, but it’s something that gets old pretty fast. Moreover, it’s difficult to keep coming up with compelling and intriguing tidbits day after day, not to mention time-consuming.faceboook social media marketing

There are many things that your Pittsburgh business is worried about already, shipments, projects, personal clients, the list goes on. This means that you don’t necessarily have time to keep up with your social media accounts. That’s unfortunate for a platform that is surfed 24/7. So let us help! We are here to help your social media campaign soar!

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