How to Create Effective Landing Pages & Microsites

website landing page design

So you have a website. Now what? How do you get people to the site, and more importantly, how do you get that website to turn visitors into dollars? 

We’ll tell you.

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What is a landing page?

If you are just starting your online presence for your business, it is unlikely that one of your first thoughts was a landing page. However, this crucial element is indispensable to your marketing campaign.

If you’re like every other new-to-marketing business owner, you might not know exactly what a landing page is or why it’s important. Here are some things to know:

One of their purposes is to gather contact information so that you can continuously market to interested visitors. Your landing page will always have a contact form for visitors to fill out. When visitors to your site fill out this form, it is essentially their given consent to continue to contact them about your products and services. This means you can now send them newsletters and special offers as well, which will send them further down the conversion funnel!

Landing pages are not homepages. There is often some confusion about the differences between a landing page and a homepage. A landing page has one single element: a call-to-action. It doesn’t have a navigation bar like a homepage would, because we don’t want visitors to be able to navigate away from the page easily. It also doesn’t have an overview of what customers can find on your website.

The landing page has one purpose, whereas the homepage has many, more detailed purposes. A landing page is strictly for conversions. A homepage could be for conversions, but usually, it isn’t until digging a little deeper into the site and your services.

So I just ask for contact information and that’s it? Typically, landing pages will ask for visitor’s contact information in exchange for something else. The “something else” could be many things that would interest visitors or send them farther into the conversion funnel. Some examples would be, Ebooks, newsletters, blog subscriptions, webinar registration or even an e-course on your services. It makes handing over an email address a little easier when your visitors know they are getting something in return.

website landing page design

What is a microsite?

Much like landing pages, microsites are probably not the first thing that you think of when developing your online presence. But we can help! Microsites can be a huge advantage for your brand!

A site that lives outside your site. The basic definition of a microsite is a branded content site that is separate from your business’s main website. That means that it is sort of a sub-brand created by your company in order to produce more leads.

How does it produce more leads? Consider a microsite a small branch of your brand’s tree. Your home website that advertises all of your products and campaigns is the tree, and your microsite is simply a branch. The smaller branch is able to focus on one specific product or campaign in order to expand the target audience. Here’s an example:

Let’s say your site is a manufacturer of outdoor accessories. On your main site, you sell everything from fire pits and tiki torches to outdoor patio furniture and gardening supplies This site caters to a wide variety of customers because it offers so many different products.

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A microsite for this site would focus on one singular product or group of products in order to have a more tailored target market. If you chose to create a microsite based solely on patio furniture, you could now market this microsite to designers, new home buyers; the list goes on and on.

When it wouldn’t make sense to market your main website, microsites can allow you to zero in on a specific market. The best thing about microsites? Even though you are marketing to a narrower audience, all of the business will still come back to your brand.

Do you Want Our Help with Your Landing Pages and Microsite Creation?

You’ve spent a great deal of time and energy creating the web design that you need to propel your website into the realm of success. Why, then, would you want to risk losing a lead because they got distracted or ended up on a page that they didn’t think was relevant to them?

With our landing pages and microsites services, you don’t have to worry about that. This service creates web pages for your site that are specifically designed to convert a lead, based on where they are coming from.

An added bonus to landing pages and microsites is that they are easy to track. As such, this makes it easy to calculate conversions and which pages can be dropped from your campaign. Landing pages aren’t just for sales, either; you can create landing pages for newsletters, mailing lists, or whatever goal you have in mind for your Pittsburgh online marketing campaign.

With our team at Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing working for you, you’ll get an expert landing page design, complete market research, a dedicated representative to help you along, a complete conversion strategy, and so much more. Stop missing out on potential conversions because of ineffective landing pages. Call us today at 412-531-2286 or contact us online and get a free quote!