Expert Web Development Services

The effectiveness of your web design project is critical to getting you the traffic and conversions you want. You want your potential customers to find you before they find another company. You also want them to stick around long enough for you to get them to the bottom of your conversion funnel. No idea where to start? Professional, expert Pittsburgh marketers and web designers are the keys to accomplishing this goal.

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It may seem like just about anyone can create a website these days using a free platform. It can be difficult to wade through a sea (er, three rivers) of designers to find one that deserves the title of expert. At Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing, we can save you the wading, because that’s exactly what we are: experts. Moreover, we have a portfolio to prove it.

Web Development Services & Solutions

Our local Pittsburgh digital marketing firm offers a variety of packages and services to ensure that your website development is performing the way it needs to. From content management systems and e-commerce solutions to web and mobile application development, we give you the products and services you need to get on top — and stay there.

How will my website be developed?

There are many ways in which your website can be created and many steps that go into the development process. Here are a few of the web developing services we offer at Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing:

Web application development.

In today’s world of technology, it is more important than ever to create an app for your company. Not only can apps be interactive and fun for customers, but they also show that you are taking the initiative to stay up to date with the industry’s best practices.

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E-commerce website design & development.

We have the expertise and knowledge in Pittsburgh e-commerce marketing that can produce cost-effective solutions for your company. We offer custom e-commerce website design pricing in order to work better with your budget and website as a whole. With our e-commerce development, we will be able to develop a website design centered around the corporate identity of your Pittsburgh company. It will include product search, payment systems, order processing, and any other features your business needs to excel.

Pittsburgh social media marketing & development.

Social media is a part of our daily lives. We are constantly bombarded with notifications telling us what our closest friends are up to and where the meeting spot is for a night out. This shouldn’t be any different for your business! At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we can develop your social media accounts so that you have an online presence unlike any other. Your customers will then be getting notifications about you, and you will always be fresh in their minds!

General website development strategies.

Some of the easiest ways to develop your website are to improve aspects that could be losing you leads.

web development strategies

Images. We can add and optimize images to better develop and promote your website. Images are extremely important to websites because 65% of humans are visual learners.

SEO. SEO is perhaps one of the most important on-page practices that can be done to better develop your website. Our Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing SEO consultants will implement our extensive SEO checklist and best practices in order to make your website more visible than you imagined possible.

Clean your coding. Cleaning up your site’s HTML, Java, and CSS can have an extreme effect on your website’s development. Google bots crawl this code and it’s extremely important for it to be clean, concise, and accurate — if not, your site could become invisible.

Fast load time. We will also ensure that your website has a fast load time to keep customers on your page longer and allow all graphic elements of your page to load quickly.

Employ a navigation bar. A navigation bar is an extremely important part of any website. It gives your visitors a road map of where they’re going and how to get there. As a part of your website development, we can ensure that you have a clean and concise navigation bar to help your visitors travel your site smoothly.

Visible contact information. Your contact information will be present on the top of your website as well, so there are no questions asked about how to reach you. If your visitors can’t easily find out how to contact you, why would they want to?

Increase your professionalism by creating a logo. We can even create a new and improved logo for your company to help your website look even more professional! Do you have colors in mind? Want an illustrated element? Your wish is our command!

Developing a blog. Pittsburgh Web Design & Marketing can boost your website by helping you develop a business blog that will draw even more traffic to your website. Your blog will be a place that you can connect with customers on a whole new level. We will teach you how and why developing a blog helps your website development, your business, and your customers.

Let Us Help You Develop a Website Designed to Succeed!

Whether you need just one of these services or all of them, you can count on our SEO and web design experts to give you the customized combination that works best for your company and its goals. We are skilled at working with both open-source technologies and Microsoft technologies, whichever is your preference. There’s a reason why we are the best Pittsburgh web design company and our portfolio speaks to that. Call us today at (412) 360-8615 or contact us online to get a free quote and learn more about our Pittsburgh web design and development services.