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It happens all the time: internet shoppers will click around your products, joyfully adding one item after another to their shopping carts. Then, with no warning at all, the activity stops. The full shopping cart sits there, abandoned and neglected, and the customer is never to be seen or heard from again. Why? Because of ineffective e-commerce website designs.

53% of e-commerce site owners are set to lose conversions and visitors if they have a poorly performing site. That’s over half of your website’s conversions! If you could ensure that that number was nowhere close to half, wouldn’t you try everything necessary to do so? With Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, you only have to try one time. Allow us to create the perfect e-commerce website design for you and your company!

Pittsburgh E-Commerce Website Design that Works


Internet shoppers are, in many ways, very much like an infant who is just learning to walk. They need to be nurtured, entertained, and sometimes have their hands held every step of the way, to get to the final destination. In e-commerce, that destination is the confirmation page after their purchase.

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We understand e-commerce

Your Pittsburgh online marketing strategy will go a long way toward getting online shoppers to your site. Your web design Pittsburgh platform will go a long way toward keeping them there and getting them to add products to their cart. But without an effective e-commerce strategy that instills trust and confidence in your customers while staying engaging and motivating, it is all for naught.

We understand the importance of sending qualified traffic to your website. After all, this will be the traffic that converts. When we help to design your perfect e-commerce website, we will be doing nothing but attracting that qualified traffic.

How is an e-commerce website different?

First and foremost, an e-commerce website is about payment systems and order processing ease for your customers. Receiving payment information, shipping information and combining all of that information to make a successful sale is all in the realm of an e-commerce website.

It is important for an e-commerce website to be successful at selling their products, but first and foremost, keeping customer information safe and secure. As a part of our e-commerce website design, we will ensure that your visitors can rest assured that their personal information will be safe with your company by including a privacy policy.


Let us help you create your e-commerce success

Let the team here at Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing help you create a highly successful e-commerce website design with our skills and expertise. We’ll create a customized e-commerce solution that is tailor-made to the unique needs of your business and its customers. Call (412) 360-8615 before you lose one more sale to a short attention span. We’ll work with you to create an online storefront that strikes a chord with your customers so that your profits keep increasing and your customers stay happy. Contact us today and get a free quote!