Advanced Mobile Application Development

We live in an incredibly connected, interactive society and mobile devices are key to that connection. Can you imagine taking someone’s smart phone away for just a day? It’s likely that they wouldn’t know how to handle themselves because of the strong connection between users and their mobile devices. Matter of fact, smartphone users spend 90% of their time using apps when they’re on their devices.

mobile app development

If your Pittsburgh business doesn’t allow your customers to interact with you from wherever they are, then you are missing out on incredible online marketing opportunities. Mobile app development takes your website to your customers, even on the go, so that you have the ability to stay connected with them, and they with you.

Pittsburgh Mobile App Development Solutions

Whatever your mobile application vision is, the web design Pittsburgh experts here at Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing can help you realize it. But you don’t have to limit your mobile app development project to your customers alone. We can help you design apps that you and your employees can use to stay up to date on company happenings and increase productivity both in the office and on the road.

In this day and age, there is no reason not to be as accessible and interactive as possible. Doing so not only helps your customers to stay in the know, but it also helps to build solid relationships with them as they see how much your company cares about their needs and desires.

Mobile App Development Services In Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, we provide mobile app development that can apply to many functions of your business experiences on a daily basis. Some of these functions include:
Time sheet recording.
Websites built to mobile standards.
Field surveys and data entry.
Sales force automation
Logistics, tracking and inventory management.
Remote email checking and collaboration.

What stages will my app go through?

In order to ensure that your app is just the way you imagined, it will go through a multitude of steps to ensure its perfection.
App Design. Your app will first enter the design process. You should feel free to interject your expectations and ideas for the app during the design process! Our designers will combine your ideas and theirs to ensure a streamlined, clean design for your unique mobile app.
App Prototyping. A prototype of your app will then roll out of our design lab where it will then be vigorously tested across all devices. It will be tested for consistency, speed and other elements that make apps successful. You will see this prototype and give us the green light before it goes to the next production step.
App Programming. Programming the app into your system will be next! After you approve the prototype, of course!


User Testing. After the program has been installed on your devices, you will test the app and let us know what you think. If something doesn’t fit your criteria, let us know, and we’ll be sure to fix it for you.
App Marketplace Submission and Approval.We will then submit your app so users can see, buy and use it.
App Marketing. It will then be time to market your app! We want to make sure that the work we put in get’s you the results you deserve. Marketing is a crucial element to ensuring the popularity and use of the app!

As previously mentioned, not only can your new app be a benefit for customers, but for you as well. It can become an integral part of your day, especially if you are out of the office. Our apps will be able to add some freedom to your everyday work life with our custom designed apps.

If you’re ready for your own mobile app, contact us today!

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