Why Get Email & Banner Ad Services?

Think back to what you did first thing this morning when you sat down at your desk for another day of work. If you’re like most people, the first thing you did was go straight to your email inbox. After that, it’s usually off to check the social networking accounts and to a bit of surfing before getting down to business.

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These are ideal opportunities to employ a bit of Pittsburgh online marketing through email and banner ads design campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the most effective form of online marketing, but it has to be done just right in order to work. A good email campaign can lead to massive conversions while a poor one can turn into a wasted investment. Choosing professional email marketing specialists, like the ones you’ll find with us at Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing, ensures you’ll see an excellent ROI with your email campaigns.

Like email marketing, banner ads can also be a lucrative source of revenue when done properly. For both marketing strategies, it is important to have the right elements, of course. This includes graphics, text, and visual elements to motivate qualified target traffic into taking action with you.

Get Email and Banner Ad Design That Works

When you choose Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing to create your email and banner ad campaigns, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with some of the top internet marketers in the industry. We know how to create compelling campaigns and market them to targeted audiences who are the most likely to convert. We even offer tracking for your emails and banner ads so that you can see which campaigns are most successful and which could use some tweaking.

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What Goes Into an Email Marketing Campaign?

There are many elements that work together to create the perfect recipe for a successful email campaign. Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing will employ them all to ensure that you are getting the most from your email marketing!

Receive access to your customers contact information. Sometimes the hardest part of an email marketing campaign is acquiring the email addresses in the first place. This step is a part of SEO that we can perform in our web design services. By introducing a call-to-action, or asking for an email address on a contact form, you will be granted access to the contact information for your visitors. After you have this information, you are ready to start your email marketing efforts!

Email newsletter tips and tricks - email marketing

Publish a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter. By sending out a newsletter periodically, it ensures that you and your company are staying fresh in the minds of your visitors. Remember the last time you went to a store that asked for your email? It’s likely that you forgot about your trip until you received that first email from them. Newsletters are great because they keep current and potential customers up to date with what your company has been up to, changes to your services, updates in prices and sometimes special offers. Customers won’t forget about your company if you keep reminding them!

Quick response time.One of the most important aspects of email marketing is the response time. If you get an inquiry sent to your email following up a newsletter or simply out of the blue, ensure that you are professional by responding in a timely manner. If an email goes seemingly unnoticed by a potential customer, they will very quickly find a company that will respond to their questions or needs and you will have lost a potential conversion!

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Why wait? Get emailing!

What Goes Into a Banner Ad Campaign?

A strong design If you are relying on banner ads to produce conversions for your business, the design matters greatly. It is usually best to stick with your brands color scheme for your ad; especially if your brand is recognizable. This will not only help the ad stand out from the white page of copy, but it will also help people to catch a glimpse at what colors characterize your brand.

Visible call-to-action It’s important that somewhere on your banner add, you include a call-to-action that makes potential customers want to learn more. A good example would be “learn more” or “call now,” with a phone number included.

Include a relatable picture If someone landing on a page that includes one of your ads sees an image of something they can relate to or need, they will nearly always want to know more. For example, if a potential customer is in need of kitchen appliances and they see that portrayed on the ad, they will obviously be more interested!

We know that email and banner ad marketing can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help!

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