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You’ve decided to allow Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing to create and market the perfect website for you. In a short amount of time, you have already seen your site jump in page rank on Google. The amount of traffic that’s coming to your website and the number of conversions from visitors have also increased. Everything is on track and going just how you had hoped; but are your efforts finished? Website maintenance is next!

The efforts put into a successful website are never finished. After your site has been designed and marketed, it is now time for website maintenance. Just like a successful storefront must maintain its building, you must maintain your website. Don’t sweat it, we can do that for you! In order to do so, we will ensure that your site stays on top of changing technology and marketing environments.

Pittsburgh Website Maintenance that Works for You

We know you don’t have time to deal with updating code every week or two. However, you don’t want to waste the investment you’ve already made. Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing’s website maintenance solution gives you everything you need to keep your site looking great and working at its best. No hassle is involved on your end!

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What Kind of Maintenance Would my Website Need?

Depending on your needs, you can purchase blocks of maintenance time at a discount, or you can just order by the hour as you need it. All it takes to get the ball rolling on your maintenance needs is one simple email to our system. Your request will immediately go onto the schedule and your dedicated developer will personally see to your needs.

We can help with the following:

Updating information to ensure that visitors are getting correct information about your company and what you offer. If your information doesn’t stay up to date, there is bound to be a disappointment if a customer tries to order something you no longer have. It is also important to keep your prices, comments, and testimonials fresh so that visitors get all the correct information.

Updating navigation bars to correspond with updated information. If you added a service to your business, it is crucial that the new area you specialize in shows up on your navigation bar. Otherwise, visitors will never know you offer it and you could be losing some serious conversions!

Update photos to make sure that they reflect your newest services and products. Not only are updated product photos necessary, but also pictures that show your staff or events you may have taken part in. If your visitors see that your photos are being updated regularly, chances are, they will come back to your site to see them!


Add content if you offer something you didn’t before, or would like to include more information about something specific. Content updates have become increasingly important for Google. It is important that you are creating content that your visitors want to see and updating it as it changes.

Update meta descriptions and alt/title tags to ensure that your site can achieve higher rankings for your keywords. If your code isn’t kept up to date, Google will notice when it crawls your site. These are elements that you definitely want to maintain for the sake of Google’s crawlers.


From our easy-to-use help desk, you can adjust the priority of your website maintenance, add notes about your order, check the progress of your updates, or simply ask a question or two. We make it as easy as possible for you to keep your site up to par. We will also be sure to update your site so it is being indexed regularly.

We’ve Designed Your Site, it’s Time to Maintain It

Call Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing today at (412) 360-8615 to learn more about our website maintenance services or contact us online and get a free quote! Don’t let your previous efforts go to waste!