Expert Website Redesign Services in Pittsburgh

Have you noticed that your website seems to be slower to load lately? Do your graphics and layout seem outdated and stale? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time for a website redesign with Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing.

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The Importance of Website Redesign

Outdated concepts, images, and code all work together to bring trouble to your site’s performance. Let our Pittsburgh Web Design Marketing team show you how a little face-lift can bring your company’s site out of the dark ages so that it can perform and convert! A Pittsburgh website redesign project repairs any existing problems with your site while blending in new concepts and marketing techniques that garner attention.

Check out our portfolio to see examples of our Pittsburgh web design work. Notice how each site loads quickly, is easy to navigate and has a professional appearance. If you want new traffic, loyal customers, and plenty of conversions, our approach is what you need.

What is Updated in a Website Redesign?

In order to ensure that your website is up to date, there are a few things that our team will do for your website’s redesign.

Include a navigation bar and sitemap-Both of these aspects are extremely important to your website. The navigation bar helps visitors to find exactly what they are looking for on your site. If this isn’t up to date, you will be sending your customers to all the wrong places within your website. That will probably make your visitors want to find a site where they can easily find what they are looking for.

Navigation and sitemaps work hand in hand. If your website doesn’t have an updated sitemap, your visitors will be lost within your site. We will make sure that your site isn’t frustrating to visitors by updating both your navigation bar and your sitemaps!

Color scheme-If your web design doesn’t currently have a color scheme throughout, you could be losing traffic. It is essential to your design that it’s aesthetic is clean and professional-which can both be achieved with a color scheme. These colors can be the same as your company logo, or we can figure out a color scheme that compliments your business!


Fonts-If your website still utilizes Comic Sans as the font of choice, you might want to consider allowing us to do an update! You want your font to be easy to read and look fresh and modern. Font and color scheme are similar in the way that they both influence the aesthetic of your website, which can help to draw in visitors.


Image inclusion-If your web design doesn’t currently utilize images, we can help to place them! Images can help to keep visitors on a page because they are known to break up text and make the page interesting. Who doesn’t love seeing pictures?

Removal of unnecessary elements-When you allow us to do a website redesign for your company, we will be sure to comb through your site in order to get rid of any unnecessary elements. This would include, an overabundance of images, videos or GIF’s, automatically loading videos or distracting content. These are all elements that could be working in opposition of the success of your website.

Experience Success with Pittsburgh Website Redesign

Our clients experience a 100% rate of positive feedback when they use our website redesign services. More important, however, is the 20% average increase in revenue that our web redesign generates for our clients. We have the skills and knowledge to take your project to its highest level!

Are You Ready for a Website Overhaul?

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